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Last Wipe: 11.08.2023
Maps: Ragnarok & Genesis 2
On our server you have the possibility to choose between PvE and PvP!
PvP-Shield: from 13.08.23 (~ 6:00 pm)
PvE-Shield: from 11.08.23 (~ 6:00 pm) (Please note the rules for PvP spots & caves below)
How can i choose?

- Your tribe name MUST start with the [PvP] or [PvE] tag.
- Your tribe leader can apply for the PvE/PvP Shield in the designated teamspeak or discord channels.
Information and rules: PvE and PvP choice

- Players without PvE or PvP in their name are automatically PvP and do not receive support.
- Neither PvE nor PvP has a raid/kill protection outside the base. Outside the base is open PvP for all players!
- If you have chosen PvP or PvE this applies to ALL maps in the cluster!

- You are allowed to raid other bases but you can also get raided by other tribes.
- You can ask for a 3-day protection (Shield) to get started easier.
- The PvP Shield must be demolished after 3 days by yourself. Note that if you don't remove your shield by yourself you will get punished for it!
- Raiding is not allowed when you own a Shield. Killing players & dinosaurs, tanking as well as destroying structures in other bases is completely forbidden, while you own a Shield protection.
- A change from PvP to PvE is possible at any time. Contact the admin

- You get a permanent raid protection for the main base (Shield) - but then you are not allowed to raid anyone or involve yourself in raid events (No deffing! No raidbase attack!)
- PvE players are not allowed to kill / stun dinos / players in PvP / PvE bases (i.e. no sniping / griefing etc!) or base camping!
- A change from PvE to PvP is only possible in consultation with the admins. Your PvE base will be wiped by the admin.
- PvE players are not allowed to build on main PvP spots. These include: All caves and rat-holes on all Maps + Ragnarok: Alpha Plateau, Alpha Pillar, Desert Plateau; Scorched Earth: Corners of the map
- Placing turrets is not allowed as soon as the tribe has a pve shield.

The general rules of the server can be found in the "Further Rules" section.

If you vote for our server on, you will receive points for the shop. You can find the links at F1 or on our website. After voting just enter /claim in the chat.
If you got raided (wiped, not just attacked) you can request an Afterraidkit + Shield from an Admin in Discord or Teamspeak. The admin decides if you get one.


Information and rules regarding PvE & PvP selection and their differences see above


- No support in ingame-chat. Please use the channels provided in Teamspeak or Discord.
- Rule violations can be reported in Discord or Teamspeak. Screenshots are advantageous. The punishment for rule violation is always at the admins discretion. 
- We are not responsible for lost items/dinos due to bugs, including while fighting bosses, traveling to other maps (items can be uploaded using the transmitter), and if your character appears to be undermeshed or dead when you connect (you can put items in a vault before the server restarts or you disconnect).
- Server chat language is GERMAN and ENGLISH
- Your name (Ingame & Tribe-Name) must be unique (no 123, etc..) and have to be identical on ALL maps.
- Renaming Tribes is prohibited and must be approved by the admin!
- Tribe maximum 4 Player
- 1 Alliance per Tribe allowed. A maximum of 2 Tribes with 8 members in total may be in an Alliance. Alliances between PvE and PvP are not allowed. Alliances and tribes do not have to be identical on ALL maps.
- Enemy players may be held captive for a maximum of 30 minutes.
- old/broken buildings: Removing old or broken buildings (ready for demolition or obviously abandoned) helps the server. If buildings are already blown up/ready for demolition, they may be looted and blown up by anyone. The raid lock does not come into effect. Before demolition/looting, a screenshot of the broken/old building + GPS coordinates must be taken, so that in case of doubt it can be proven that this was allowed.
- Insiding is not allowed. Reports must be supported by clear evidence.


Building spots:

- At building spots in/around a cave/rat hole it is forbidden to place a MAGA Orp. cave = any place with cave damage + places with only a few small entrances (like rat holes)
- In the trees in the Valguero Abberation biome ORPs are forbidden as well.
- unique resource spots may not be built on.
- Obelisks may not be built on.
- Building on Playerspawns is prohibited. At Report, the player must move immediately.
- The maximum number of bases is limited to 1 per map. In addition, an outpost (not in a cave) may be built that occupies no more than an area of 6x6 foundations. Shields are only available for the main base.
- Building of 2 tribes at one spot is forbidden. The bases of two tribes must be clearly separated - the turrets from one base must not be able to defend the other base. For PVP the minimum distance is double the turret maximum range.
- Element Veins and Extinction Drops may be built with structures to facilitate defense. Placing turrets is prohibited. Structures must be independently removed immediately after defense.
- Bases must be at least 3x Turret Range from the nearest Element Vein Spot, OSD, and Titan Spawner.
- Basespots should be accessible as a normal player without exploits (gliching, bugging with grabbling hooks, ziplines, teleporters or cryopods/souls, etc.).

Map specific forbidden spots:

Ragnarok: Icequeen Cave, Lavagolem, Pearl Cave, Desert Crates, Wyverncave/Trench, Mushroom Cave (Underwater Cave 09/23)
Extinction: Titan Caves
Valguero: Green Obelisk Cave, Wyvern Trench, Rockdrake Trench, entrances to Aberration Biom, entrances to Underwater Biom, entrances to Red Zone.
Aberration: Access to the surface, Rockdrake Trench
Island: large metal mountains, Vulcano
Center: Northern Ice Cave 19/30
Scorched Earth: Wyvern Trench
Genesis: Mission Zones, HLN-A Teleport Location and Magmasaur (Volcano) Cave. 
Genesis 2: Mission Terminals, 2 middle bridges + their entrances between biomes (around 50/50)
Fjordur: Terminals must be freely accessible for everyone and may not be built on.


Unsportsmanlike behaviour

- Any use of bugs or exploits in the game will be penalized according to severity. (Meshing, Meshbites, Dupe, Glitching...). Any use of gray areas will be penalized in the same way, inluding Stream Sniping. If you have any doubts, it is better to ask us first.
- Offensive / religious / political / suggestive Player/Tribe/Dino Names are not allowed.
- Insults in the chat are not tolerated - a nice tone is absolutely necessary!
- Disruptive behavior in global chat is forbidden, this includes constantly provoking people and trash talking.
- it is forbidden to camp outside of a PVE/PVP Shield. Exception: While raiding structures outside Base. e.g.: Turrettower.
- Its not allowed to use Noglins against PVE-Players to go inside their base and turn PVE-Shield off and raid them.

- Structure spam around the base is allowed. A maximum of about 20 foundations from the last turret tower or the main building may be spammed. Turrettower = Structure with at least 50 turrets.
- Taming structures and raid bases must be removed immediately after end of use.
- Raided bases must be removed BEFORE rebuilding! Old bases (when moving) must be removed immediately.
- It is strictly forbidden to temporarily occupy a spot!
- Its not allowed to built foundation walls and vault walls. This also includes Tek Storage walls.

- Turrets are only allowed to be placed at your base spots & the raid base.
- No completely invisible structures may be built, one side must always be visible (Vacuum Compartements).
- At building spots in/around a cave/rat hole it is forbidden to place a MAGA Orp. cave = any place with cave damage + places with only a few small entrances (like rat holes)
- In the trees in the Valguero Abberation biome ORPs are forbidden as well.
- Flying structures are prohibited, this includes freestanding Vacuum Compartements with no connection to a ground



- During the raid, item dropping/popcorning is prohibited!
- A tribe is only allowed to raid another tribe every 20 hours per Map (starts after 6 hours into server wipe). The 20h raid lock starts at RAIDSTART and not at raidend. In case of doubt the attacker has to prove this (screenshot of the raid start e.g. of the FOB +time display Windows + Tribelog), this also includes interrupting in a Raid and attacking a FOB.
- Any PVP Tribe may participate in a raid (counters), but it counts as a raid cooldown. Only the defender's alliance and the defender do not get raid cooldown. Teaming of multiple tribes to raid one is prohibited (this does not mean the FOB). Building a FOB is appropriate to prevent misunderstandings.
- A raid is finished when there is no attack in 30 minutes. After successful completion of the raid on the first base, the second base of the same tribe may be attacked within 2 hours.
- Raid bases are to be removed immediately after the end of the raid.
- Dropping dinosaurs in a Base, intentionally tanking and building a raid base is also considered a raid.
The kill (and/or tranq) of dinosaurs during an ongoing Raid counts as interrupting and will result in a raidcooldown.
Destroying structures that are not part of or in the immediate proximity of a base does not count as raid (e.g. teleporters/ sleeping bags, etc.)
- It is forbidden to place turrets outside of a foreign PVP/PVE Shield. The same applies to camping outside a shield. Exception: While raiding structures outside Base. e.g.: Turrettower.
- It is forbidden to use walls and ceilings to build yourself into an enemy base/turret tower to bypass the defense. We classify this method as bugusing.


- It is forbidden to place animals outside your base on aggressive. (Exception raid situation) wandering or releasing is forbidden as well.
- Placing C4 on platform dinosaurs is FORBIDDEN
Excessive auto breeding is not allowed. (20+ unclaimed dinos)